Posted: Jan 24 2023
by: Paula Dyason

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Award Winners 2022!

Congratulations to all the American Daylily Society Award recipients for 2022. 

Our grown varieties here at Strictly Daylilies are listed below. To see a complete list visit


Stout Silver Medal

Isabelle Rose (Ellen Laprise)


Stout Silver Medal Runner Up

Papa Goose (Heidi Douglas)


Lenington All-American Award

Papa Goose (Heidi Douglas)


Award of Merit   

Breathing in Snowflakes (Heidi Douglas) with top number of votes!

Wigglesworth (Schwartz-B)

Asheville White Winged Dove (Bob Selman)

Stop the Car (Jamie Gossard)


Honorable Mention

Katie Sue Herrington (Heather Harrington)

Perry and His Harem (Heidi Douglas)

Helix (Patrick Stamile)


Don C. Stevens Award for Outstanding Eyed Daylily

One Eye Willie (Tim Herrington)


Extra Large Diameter Award

Runner Up: Big Honking Bahama Richie