Posted: Aug 04 2018
by: Paula Dyason

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Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2018

SILVER-GILT.  We are so excited to have been an exhibitor in the Floral Marquee at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July. It was an awesome experience that we shall never forget. We met so many wonderful people, exhibitors and cutomers alike. 

HUGE thanks to friend Jane Jackson and my husband Chris Dyason. who worked tirelessly at the show and to Caroline York and Tim Loane who were behind the scenes back at the nursery or on the delivery trucks. Thank you so much!!

Some pics from the show. 

Our lovely exhibit 'The Spirit of Mimi' in honour of Doris Crosland Haley, the mother who passed on her passion of daylilies to me. Sculpture by Derek Kinzett of 'Mimi'.


During breakdown 11 days later. Do we look as exhausted as we feel?