Posted: Jan 04 2016
by: Chris Dyason

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Happy New Year!

If you have signed up for our email news service you will have received an email today letting you know that our website catalogue has been updated with the new stock released for 2016.

Paula spent most of the holiday period in front of her laptop getting all the new varieties entered, while I was outside in the garden counting our stock.  As usual she finished before me so she is gloating while I am mumbling excuses about lack of daylight.

So today Paula released the website updates and sent the email around and, to our delight, orders have been arriving all afternoon.  Some of the new releases are available only in very small numbers so we will start to go out of stock literally within a few days.  Get in quickly!!

If there is a variety marked 'Future introduction' that you would like to buy when available, let us know and we will put you on the waiting list.  These varieties are new to us so are being trialled before we start selling them.  Any which do not perform well will end up in Plant Heaven: the compost heap.

Happy New Year to all daylily lovers; we're looking forward to a great year.

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