Posted: Mar 16 2016
by: Paula Dyason

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Green is in for St Paddy's Day!

A HOT HOT HOT colour in the modern hemerocallis world is the oh so COOL GREEN. So pretty and such a true standout in the garden. It can take the form of yellow tinged green with the green taking centre HUGE green throats on pink, red, orange, purple. Either way, I love green and yes, I am green with envy! Enjoy these cultivars hybridized by Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens. She is the real 'Queen of Green'!

MeMe's Lovin' the Limelight


Boss Hogg


Breathing in Snowflakes


  • Which ones do best in Tidewater? :)

    Posted by Pam & Jim Rudge on March 28, 2016

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