Strictly Daylilies Terms & Conditions

Any order placed on the website for hemerocallis is subject to these Terms and Conditions and by placing your order you are deemed to have read and accepted them.

However, at Strictly Daylilies Ltd our primary focus is on pleasing our customers so if you are not happy with any of our daylilies you buy from us, you may return it at any time for a refund. 

Our undertaking to you

  1. We will only supply hemerocallis plants of a good size and in healthy condition. The size of the root cluster varies according to variety but generally our plants are grown in 2,4,or 6 litre pots. See ‘Your action on receipt’.
  2. We endeavour to keep the website updated to show hemerocallis stock availability accurately so we rarely have to advise customers of non-availability. Should that happen we will offer an alternative hemerocallis variety but we will never make a substitution without prior approval.
  3. Orders are generally prepared on Monday to be dispatched on Tuesday or prepared on Tuesday to be dispatched on Wednesday so that delays in transit over weekends are avoided. We use DPD Local and Royal Mail. Please see Shipping and Returns page for more information.
  4. Unless specifically requested, we do not dispatch daylilies during winter months. Depending on prevailing weather we usually start spring dispatches mid April and will usually continue until mid October. 

Price and payment terms

  1. Payment is required at the time of order. This payment fixes the price regardless of any general increase prior to dispatch.  
  2. Prices on the website may be adjusted at any time. Prices for daylilies sold other than through the website may vary from the website price due to differences in size and maturity of the plant.
  3. Out-of-stock hemerocallis can be reserved for future supply when available. Email or telephone for details.
  4. Postage and packing for our hemerocallis plants are charged in addition to the cost of the plants. Please see the Shipping and Returns page for further information.
  5. If you prefer to pay by cheque or by direct online banking, please contact us. 

    Your action on receipt

    1. Daylilies are dispatched bare-rooted. They store water in their roots and can survive for quite a while without water. They will have been in soil until a day or two prior to dispatch so should be fully hydrated at that time. 
    2. Each daylily has its variety name on a stick label to so take care not to muddle them! We use special paper for these labels which prevents damage from sun and/or water but it is still advisable to make a garden map for future use.
    3. On receipt you should unwrap the daylilies taking care to keep label and plant together. It is advisable to plant as soon as feasible. Wet the roots prior to planting in a pot or in the garden. During hot weather or delayed transit it is best to soak the roots for approximately 1 hour prior to planting. Further planting and care instructions for hemerocallis are sent with every order.
    4. Please tell us if you will be away so we can avoid plants arriving when you are not there to receive them.

    Guarantee and cancellation

    1. You may return the daylilies for a full refund within 1 year of the date of dispatch. We will ask for your reasons only to help identify problems and thereby enable us to improve our service.  
    2. Orders can be cancelled at any time prior to dispatch without penalty so you will be given a full refund.   
    3. Daylilies are extremely difficult to kill! However, we do guarantee all of our plants for up to 1 year from the date of dispatch. 


    1. We use a third party payor and as such we do not have access to your payment card details.
    2. We will not release your personal details to any third party unless required to by law.
    3. If you wish to have your personal details deleted we will do that on request.

    Complaints, suggestions and questions

    1. No one gets everything right all the time and that applies to us as much as anyone. If you feel we have let you down in any way or not met your expectations, please tell us. Your criticisms can help us improve. 
    2. Suggestions and requests are always welcome. Contact by email is preferred so we have a written record.
    3. Any questions, however trivial, contact us.

    Revision date 30 March 2022