Posted: Jan 11 2015
by: Paula Dyason

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Something wrong here?




Chris and I have a really active (although new) hybridizing program here at Strictly. We are hoping to contribute some very lovely, British bred and raised cultivars in the future.

We pollinate throughout the bloom season with very select hemerocallis cultivars then the seed pods are left to ripen prior to collecting. After the seeds are dried they are given a false winter dormancy for several weeks in the refrigerator. Addition of moisture will then lead to stratification which is the process of breaking seed dormancy. They are then planted and the wait begins to see what they will become in a few years. 

So what's wrong here? Well, the answer is that normally we have a nice winter break here at Strictly, but this year we had so many seeds that pollinating, pod ripening and planting have all overlapped. These photos were taken on the same day.

No rest for the weary!!! I love every single minute of it!