Posted: Aug 16 2014
by: Paula Dyason

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The Wonderful World of Daylily Rebloom!

There are many remontant daylilies which simply mean that the plant will bloom for more than one period in their season.  We normally refer to these hemerocallis cultivars as rebloomers where a new scape is sent up after the original time of bloom providing for intermittent periods of flowers. Sometimes the new scapes appear immediately after the initial bloom and sometimes they come up sometime later. Whichever way, it is splendid to have daylilies that extend out their beauty rather than a mad flush of bloom that is 'over and out' much too quickly. Many things govern whether a daylily variety will rebloom. Genetically, they either will or they won't, but even with the right genes they still depend on other factors such as sufficient daylight, water, nutrients, and warmth. So if a variety is capable of reblooming don't neglect it.......continue to water and care for it and if the weather is conducive then chances are it will reward you with awesome additional bloom. Here are some rebloomers in our garden today:


                       Crazy Larry                                           Drop Cloth


                         Bettylen                                         Green Mystique