Posted: Apr 22 2020
by: Paula Dyason

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How to plant your new daylilies


Your shipment of hemerocallis

Hemerocallis are shipped as bare-roots. This is important to limit transmission of many weeds, weed seeds and pests; most notably daylily gall midge. All soil is removed and they are washed thoroughly. Your daylilies will have trimmed foliage to prevent moisture loss during transit and some roots may have been trimmed. Hemerocallis are very resilient and some of our overseas shipments can be in transit for several weeks and always recover.


Question: How do I plant bare-root daylilies?

Answer: Newly purchased bare-root daylily fans should be planted as soon as is reasonably possible. They can temporarily be heeled in or potted up until they can be planted in their ultimate location. They are always prepared the day before dispatch so they should not be overly dry. If however, you feel the roots are very dry, they may be soaked in a bucket of water for a few minutes.

They should be planted in a sunny location for best results. Most varieties can do reasonably well in semi-shade but for the most prolific blooming full sun is preferable. They do not appreciate competing with other thirsty roots so avoid planting under or close to trees or large shrubs.


Work soil approximately one foot below ground level and, if needed, improve your soil by incorporating compost or well rotted manure. Dig a hole about one foot deep and a bit wider than the roots. Fashion a cone shape of soil with the top of the cone slightly below ground level (I use a pot of soil turned upside down in the planting hole) in the centre of the hole. Spread the roots (after dipping in water) over the cone of soil and cover with more soil by working the soil in and around the roots. The crown of the plant (where the leaves and roots meet) should be planted no more than one inch below the soil surface. Planting too deeply can encourage crown rot and may inhibit blooming. Firm the soil and water well to establish. It is not advisable to fertilise newly planted daylilies. If planting in pots use a regular balanced compost of neutral pH.


Question: How do I care for daylilies after planting?

Answer: Water when dry to encourage the roots to seek out deeper moisture making sure they don't completely dry out their first year. Avoid fertiliser in the first year. After that you can incorporate composted manure or balanced commercial fertiliser in the spring. Potted plants are best fed with time released fertiliser approximately 10-10-10.

Question: Will my daylilies bloom the first year?

Answer: As tempting as it is, try not to have bloom too soon. The first year should be focused on establishing great root systems. We encourage you to cut scapes off of first year plants to divert all the energy into the the roots. You will be rewarded with stronger, healthier and more prolific blooming plants!


As always, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us