Posted: Aug 18 2017
by: Chris Dyason

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Is this really August?

I know this is Britain where the only predictable thing about the weather is that it is unpredictable, but how is it that August has become April?

June was so hot and sunny that it brought our 'peak bloom' time about two weeks earlier than usual and the weather since then has been okay, warm enough, but there's been so much RAIN!.

After the exceptionally dry Spring our water supply borehole appeared to have dried out as we could only get a trickle from it.  The regular mains supply tap can't supply enough water for our needs even running 24 hours a day into our storage tank, so we had to call in the engineers.  £2,000 and a new bore-hole pump later, the supply was back in full flow (it wasn't anything to do with the dry Spring).  But having got it fixed in June, we've only needed our irrigation system for a few days in the last two months - not at all for the last 30 days.

Fortunately the daylilies are loving the warm and wet weather; after blooming early many of them are now happily re-blooming.  Every cloud ....