Posted: Aug 10 2015
by: Paula Dyason

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New Daylily Blooms

Summer is still in full swing thanks to all the rebloomers and late bloomers. I have waited patiently all season for these. I know you will enjoy!

'A Groovy Kind of Love' Douglas-H, 2015. Fast becoming one of my fav's.


'Browns Ferry Royalty' Douglas-C, 2011. This bloom could not be any more perfect. It is pristine and every aspect is just downright beautiful. Every one opens as perfect as the last.


'Cosmic Blast' Salter-2011. I have waited all season for this guy! Patience and I have a poly with twice the pollen!!


'Explosion in the Paint Factory'  Howard, 2014. Awesome overlay pattern and an absolutely perfect bloom to boot!


Tet seedling 1356-1 First bloom. Very unusual colouring. She may be a keeper!