Posted: Jan 22 2014
by: Paula Dyason

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Garden Answers Magazine - February 2014 issue

We are so excited to have two of our 'futures' featured in the article, "New plants with a touch of ROMANCE" by Ian Hodgson in the February issue of 'Garden Answers' magazine.

Hemerocallis Papa Goose, heralded as a future favourite of hybridisers for his dominant features, debuted in his first UK photo shoot that landed him the full page cover photo of the article. He is so puffed up now and can't wait for spring so he can strut his stuff to all the British ladies! Not to be outdone, Hemerocallis Dance With Somebody was also featured. Being the demure lady that she is, she is not at all bothered with the smaller photo in the magazine as she knows everyone who sees her will be green with envy!

Both beautiful plants were hybridized by the talented Heidi Douglas of Browns Ferry Gardens, USA.


          Papa Goose         


                Dance With Somebody