Posted: Dec 16 2013
by: Chris Dyason

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Daylily website blooms at last

They say good things are worth waiting for and that certainly seems to be the case with our new Strictly Daylilies website.  A full year after deciding to start from scratch rather than just up-dating the existing site, it’s now up and live.

Of course, as you are reading this on the new site, you’ve found it already, but you may not know that it’s just launched this month and certainly won’t know what has gone into producing it.

Our thanks go to the experts at Fluent in Cambridge who have turned Paula’s wish list into reality, creating a site with complex searching facilities for our hundreds of varieties but which is simple and quick to use (and to buy from!).

Paula herself has spent many hundreds of hours preparing all the data, often working from first thing in the morning and ending the day in bed with her laptop.  It was a mammoth task that we’re both relieved to see finished.

Paula and I will be blogging regularly but we’d love to have some input from you.  Send us an email with any comments on the site – good or bad – we need feedback to enable future improvements to be made.

Thanks for reading and Happy Christmas

Chris Dyason