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Hemerocallis Sasseness


 Out of thousands of choices this way my favourite cultivar of 2022

Named after my lovely departed Sassy and her best bud Nessie who is such a joy. As they were such a pair, we loved to jointly call them 'Sasseness'.

Magenta purple with a very dark smouldering eyezone and green to yellow throat. This beautiful daylily was selected from hundreds of seedlings. A great bloom and an awesome garden plant!

Diploid (Dyason, 2022). Scape height 36 inches (91cm). Bloom diameter 7.5 inches (19cm). Mid late bloom season with rebloom Unusual form Crispate. Semi-evergreen foliage. We have seen up to 40 buds, 5 way branching and 3 reblooms.

Parentage: Up the Wazoo x  Artificial Evolution

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