• Heavenly Fire and Ice
  • Heavenly Fire and Ice

Hemerocallis Heavenly Fire and Ice


Strictly Stunning 

Has to be my favourite orange here at Strictly. Big, Tall, late bloom, reblooming, dormant, fragrant. Ticks ALL the boxes.

Creamy sherbet orange with a strong orange red eyezone, often with orange-red spots, appears to be orange-red with a creamy sherbet orange edge, due to the huge eyezone, bicolor with lighter sepal edges. 

Tetraploid (Gossard, 2010). Bloom diameter 7.5 inches (19 cm). Scape height 37 inches (94 cm). Mid late bloom season with rebloom. Dormant winter foliage. Fragrant. Unusual Form Crispate-Cascade.

Parentage: Startling Creation × (Heavenly Fire Arrow × (Wandering Wings × Heavenly Starfire))

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